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Operations Magazine

Number: 3

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#3 Winter 1991

  • 101st Airborne Division Air Assault: A Line in the Sand, History, 1Lt. C.M. Lippard
  • The Limitations of Series Designs, Design, Dean Essig
  • Barren Victory Slopes, CWB, Gerry Palmer
  • One-Book Willy Goes to War, CWB, John Kisner
  • Defensive Orders, CWB, Dave Powell
  • The Cornfield: Scenario for ITQF, CWB, Dean Essig
  • CWB Command System vs. Solitaire Play, CWB, Dean Essig
  • Writing your Orders:What do they Mean?, CWB, Dave Powell
  • Overwatch Triggers-3rd Ed Change, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Towards a 3rd Edition TCS, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Some TCS Ideas, TCS, Mark Stricker
  • The Terrain Effects Chart, TCS, Dean Essig
  • A New TCS Point Fire Table, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Bloody 110th Umpired Play, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Force Eagles War: A New Unit, TCS/M, James Meldrum
  • The Mother of All Rules Changes, OCS, Dean Essig
  • Where Does Your Gaming Dollar Go?, Hobby, Dean Essig
  • Figuring the Line of Sight, CWB & TCS, Dave Demko
  • A TCS Proposal-Ost-Front, TCS, Dean Essig
  • Out Brief: The Fine Art of Losing Wargames, Hobby, Dean Essig

A special note concerning condition:

Copies are in overall "Very Good" condition. All of the available issues show minor signs of shelf-wear from long term storage - staple rust, very light creasing


All copies have their covers intact and are perfectly legible.

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