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Custoza: Fields of Doom

First game of a series, using the same rules system, named “Risorgim

Final price: £58.95

Gorizia 1916

Italian forces against Austria, during August 1916.

Final price: £47.95

La Guerra di Gradisca 1615-1617 (The War of Gradisca)

Two powers compete for the predominance of the Adriatic Sea: the Repub

Final price: £53.95

Piacenza 1746 (War of the Austrian Succession)

Regimental-level warfare in the Age of Reason.

Final price: £41.95

The Campaigns of the Italian Wars Vol.II: El Gran Capitán

Available for Pre-Order. The long-awaited "prequel" of All is lost sav

Base price: £48.95
Final price: £43.95
10% discount!

The Invasion of Russia (1812), 2nd Ed.

2nd Edition. First volume in a series focused on the Napoleonic Wars a

Final price: £35.95

Napoleon's Nemesis: 1813

Second volume in a series focused on the Napoleonic Wars at a strategi

Final price: £38.95

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