MBT - The Game of Modern Tactical Ground Combat in Germany

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Very Good Condition Punched Copy. Light shelf-wear to the box, counters are bagged/sorted.

MBT is a detailed look at the organization, equipment and capabilities of some of today's most powerful and advanced military forces. Included are the latest American, West German and Soviet vehicles, their accompanying infantry and attached weapons, and the supporting artillery, air and helicopter elements that compose modern "combined arms" forces. It's all here, and YOU are in command!"

MBT is a turn based, hex and counter tactical game of "modern" tank warfare. Each turn is 1-5 minutes, each hex 100 meters. Unit counters are single vehicles or infantry squads/teams.

MBT uses the same system as "88" (WWII Africa's Western Desert), Armor (WWII Europe), Panzer (WWII Eastern Front), and IDF (Middle East).

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