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Good condition, signs of shelf-wear from long term storage (minor foxing/grubbiness, staple rust, light creasing).
Cover intact and perfectly legible.

6/73. Footnotes (Jerrold Thomas, Riley Sunderland, Gary Hladik, Mark Pernell, R.J. Nelson, Rhea Stone, Michael Markowitz, Steve List, James Jones); Game Errata: Centurion, Grunt, Lost Battles, USN, Combat Command (Frank Davis); Games: Evolution and Revolution (William Drakert); Maxi-PanzerBlitz (Jerrold Thomas); Pass in Review (Martin Campion); Shiloh (Kip Allen); Simulation of Morale (Clifford Sayre, Jr.); Strategic Air War Against Japan (Gary Woodward); A Tatical Module for Strategic Games (Fred Preston).