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Zama 202BC & Operation Felix 1940/41 (GAME ONLY)

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Zama (202 BC) was the final, decisive battle of the Second Punic War (219-201). It was the culmination of seventeen years of continuous warfare between the two great western Mediterranean powers, Rome and Carthage. It not only settled the war, but put Rome firmly on the road to world domination.

The Battles of the Ancient World game system is a tactical simulation of ancient battles. Each game in the system represents one of the great battles of the ancient world. The playing pieces represent the actual units which participated in the battles; the map represents the terrain over which those units fought. This game series has been designed to ensure maximum playability and reasonable reality (in that order). In order to achieve these goals, the physical components and rules have been designed to make the game easy to understand and play. The components for each game in the series include an individual playing map, one hundred combat units, and a rule book containing standardized and battle-specific rules.

Operation Felix is a "what if..." game on the invasion of Gibraltar by the Germans in 1940/41, shortly after the fall of France. Historically, it was the option Hitler elected against, putting political calculations ahead of military realities in his attempt to dominate Europe. This recasting of history assumes that Hitler made the defeat of Britain his top priority in 1940-41. Instead of angling for negotiations with His Majesty's government after Dunkirk, The Fuhrer issues orders to German High Command to take the war to the Commonwealth wherever it could. The one obvious target that is close at hand, and has considerable military and political value, is the Rock of Gibraltar, the gateway to the western Mediterranean Sea.

Scenarios cover a July 1940 attack, the more probable December 1940 invasion, and a Spanish assault (with a little help from German allies). Optional rules for SS reinforcements and greater German amphibious capacity.

Game scale:
hex scale = 250 meters/hex side to side
time = one day per game turn
strength = platoon/company/battalion sized units

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