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1809 : Napoleon's Danube Campaign

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Good punched Condition copy, a fold on one of the maps.

Wagram Campaign, using the same system as other Napoleonic games by Zucker (Napoleon at Bay, Bonaparte in Italy, Sun of Austerlitz, etc) that emphasizes command, logistics, and lines of communication.

GAME SYSTEM: CAMPAIGNS System - Series 1X = 3,200m/hex, 1,000 men/SP, 2 days/turn.

Designed by Kevin Zucker and published by Victory Games, Inc., 1809: NAPOLEON'S DANUBE CAMPAIGN (© 1984) is a two player, Division level simulation of Napoleon's 1809 Danube Campaign against a revitalized Austrian army determined to avenge its humiliating defeats of the past. It covers three months of bitter conflict requiring an advance over more than 200 miles of the Danube Valley in a campaign of maneuver, thrust and counterthrust immortalized on such battlefields as Abensberg, Ratisbon, Ebelsberg, Aspern-Essling, and Wagram.

The game uses an interactive Igo/Hugo sequence with an emphasis on leadership. It is a dynamic exercise in the application of limited administrative resources to maneuver, and a contest of skill, finesse, and hammer blows. Each Game Turn represents two days of real time. Each map hex equals two miles from side to side. Optional rules permit hidden movement, simulate the loss and regaining of combat effectiveness, and model the effects of fatigue. Four complete scenarios are included -- ranging from the brief Aspern-Essling and Wagram battle scenarios to the lengthy Historical and Alternate campaigns.


• an 81/4" x 111/4" x 2" Avalon Hill bookcase style game box;
• a 28-page (8" x 11") Rules booklet;
• two 16" x 11" Organization Displays;
• a 16-page (8" x 11") Charts and Tables folder;
• two 32" x 22" unmounted mapsheets;
• a 16" x 22" unmounted mapsheet;
• 260 die-cut, back-printed, cardboard counters

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