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Arcola: The Battle for Italy, 1796

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Theme:      Napoleonic      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Very Good condition punched copy

ARCOLA is a division/brigade level, two-player simulation game.


Turn: 2 days average
Map: 2 miles/hex
Unit: Brigades with 1,000 men per strength point

Concealed units, low counter density, and variable unit strengths are some of the interesting features in this Napoleonic microgame. No more than 23 leader counters are actually placed on the map. The remaining 23 brigade counters are placed on an organizational display which shows the unit's current leader and combat strength. An excellent introductory game for someone interested in the period.


- One Chart Sheet
- One Sheet of Die-Cut Counters (100)
- One 11" x 17" Map
- One 8-Page Rules Folder

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