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Command Magazine (Attila: Scorge of God/Perfidious Albion)

Number: 47

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Attila: Scourge O'God
A two-player, strategic-level wargame that simulates the Hun invasion of the Western Roman Empire in AD 451-52. One player commands the Romans and their allies, while the other commands the Huns and their allies. For the most part the Hun is on the offensive, trying to overthrow the empire by pillaging as many provinces and cities as possible, while the Roman player operates to try to thwart that effort."

Medium complexity
20 one month turns
22" x 34" paper map in basic colors
176 5/8" die-cut colored iconic counters

Perfidious Albion
A two-player "what if" simulation of a hypothetical Napoleonic plan to invade England in the alternative history described in the article of the same name.
1 hex : 5 miles
1 GT : 1 week
Units : divisions of about 10,000 men and corps of about 30,000 to 40,000
140 Counters One Map

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