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La Bataille D'Albuera-Espagnol (Boxless)

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La Bataille D Albuera Espagno

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Boxless copy, very good punched condition, counters are bagged/sorted, rules and two maps are in great condition. Some rusting to the staples.

La Bataille D'Albuera Espagnol is a simulation of the hardest fought battle of the Peninsular War. The battalions of Imperial France , pitted against a desperate coalition of Spanish, Portuguese and British troops, must rid the field of their enemies, thereby lifting the siege of Badajoz, capitol of Estremadura. All of western Spain hangs in the balance, no to mention the reputation of The Empire!!!
Played on a 34"x22" period map, over 400 multi-colored, die-cut counters beautifully represent the units that took part in the day's action. Infantry are portrayed in their regimental or battalion organization; cavalry are shown by regiment and/or squadron; artillery by battery or or section. Distinctions are made between line or light infantry and cavalry, grenadier or other elite forces. Important personalities also appear.
The game is ideal for one-on-one play or solitary study. Each turn represents twenty minutes of real and simulated time.; each hex an area roughly one hundred meters across; each unit individually rated for morale, movement, combat (both fire and bayonet) and range. Players are faced with the same tactical dilemmas their historical counterparts faced, though play balance depends entirely upon their own skill.
The rules are a revision of the award-winning system developed by the Marshal Enterprises Household and cover the full range of features characteristic of the Napoleonic Battlefield. In-depth historical commentary is also provided. Les Batailles dans L'age L'Empereur Napoleon 1er is the only game series that can claim.... a Marshal's baton in every box!

scale = 100 m/hex;
time = 20 min/GT;
strength = 50-100 men/SP (Regimental/Brigade Size)

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