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La Bataille de la Moscowa

Number: 12

Price £130.95
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The Grand Armee Before the Gates of Moscow - September 1812.

In time for the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's illfated invasion of Russia. Frank Chadwick has joined forces with Clash of Arms Games to bring this classic home to this venerated series.

Newly researched and developed from the latest French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian sources, we have dressed this edition with the superb artwork grognards have come to expect when someone mentions... "La Bataille!".

Scale: Tactical- 100yards per hex, 20 minute game turns. Infantry battalions, cavalry regiments, artillery batteries.


  • Featuring the simplified "Marie Louise" rules
  • 54 pages of scenarios, special rules and historical commentary
  • 4 - 22 x 34" full colour period style maps
  • Over 1000 full colour counters
  • Multiple cardstock Charts, Tables and Organisation Displays


Designer: Terry Doherty

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