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Master and Commander: Napoleonic Naval Combat (Boxed)

Price £60.95
Master and Commander Napoleonic Naval Combat Rear
Master and Commander Napoleonic Naval Combat Contents
Master and Commander Napoleonic Naval Combat Counters 1
Master and Commander Napoleonic Naval Combat Counters 2
Master and Commander Napoleonic Naval Combat Scenario Book

Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic     

Boxed Version. Includes the standalone Scenario Book.

Master and Commander is a simulation of Napoleonic naval combat. Simple rules are employed for fast play while still retaining the essence of Napoleonic naval combat. Players can chose to play an historical scenario, a free purchase battle or a duel. In a free purchase game, each player starts with 50 Ship Purchase Points and spends those points to build a fleet. A ship costs an amount equal to its Fire Power value. For play variety, players can set up coastal terrain with Fort and Shore Battery markers along map edges. Players determine the wind direction before the game begins.Three historical scenarios are included with the game. A scenario book of twenty-three additional historical naval combat scenarios for the American War of Independence is available for purchase either separately or together with a boxed game for an additional cost. Scenarios and games can be between one or two ships per side or between fleets of ships. This is an upgrade of the classic WDG game with new counter and marker art, new design features and historical scenarios by Peter Schutze.

The scenarios book includes historical naval scenarios from the American War of Independence, including such exciting scenarios as Hispanola Duel, Frigate Bay, Yorktown Revenged, A Clash of Convoys, Azores Patrol and more!

  • 12 Small (1-2 ships per side) battles
  • 5 Medium (up to 10 ships) battles
  • 6 Large (Fleet) battles

Game Contents:

  • 8-Page Rulebook
  • 120 Double-Sided 1" x 1/2" Ship Counters
  • 88 5-8" Crew, Marine, and Miscellaneous Markers
  • 22" x 17" Hex Grid Sea Game Board
  • 8.5" x 11" Hex Grid Sea Template
  • 3 Historic Napoleonic Naval Scenarios

Game Features:

  • Crew Quality Ratings
  • Ship Ratings 1 to 6
  • Grappling Action
  • Wind Direction Effect
  • Ship Drifting
  • Ship Collisions
  • Ship Fire Power Ratings
  • Ship Movement Ratings
  • Boarding Combat
  • Fire Combat
  • Coast-to-Ship Combat
  • Marines





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