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Napoleon and the Archduke Charles: The Battle of Abensberg

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S&T #113 11/85

Behold the Dawn: The Iran-Iraq War J. Dingeman & R. Jupa
Desert Victory A. Bay
FYI A.A. Nofi
Napoleon on the Move Warren Kingsley
Simulation: Napoleon & the Archduke Charles Keith Poulter

Napoleon and the Archduke Charles: The Battle of Abensberg is a game for two players, simulating the battle of Abensberg which took place on April 20th, 1809. One player commands the French forces, the other the Austrians. Rules on movement, combat, leadership and morale reflect the problems and possibilities which faced the historical commanders.

The scale of the combat is that one strength point represent 200 infantry, 150 cavalry or 2 guns, each turn is 35 minutes; each hex is 600 yards. Victory is determined my control of objective hexes and loss inflicted on the enemy.

Abensberg is a complete game in itself. It can also be played as a “campaign game” linked with another of 3W’s Bonaparte series, The Battle of Eckmuhl (in Strategy & Tactics #114). Eckmuhl was fought on the two days following Abensberg, in the area immediately to the north. Many of the same units participated, along with many others. Two scenarios were provided with Abensberg; four are provided with Eckmuhl. A further dozen scenarios will be found in The Wargamer #3 and Strategy & Tactics #115 (Kanev). These later scenarios link the two games. Earlier games in the Bonaparte series are Napoleon and the Archduke Charles: The Battle of Aspern-Essling (May 2lst-22nd, 1809).

US Infantry Division in World War II A.A. Nofi

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