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Napoleon at Waterloo plus Expansion

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Theme:      Napoleonic      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Product condition: used

Good condition punched copy ("Woods" hexes have been coloured in green)

The Battle of Waterloo is perhaps the best known battle in history. The time is 18 June 1815. The Duke of Wellington's armies are dwarn to defend the road to Brussels. Napoleon's superior French forces begin their assault. Can the British thin red line hold until the Prussian army arrives to fall upon Napoleon's flanks?

A simple introductory wargame.

Published in 1971

The Advanced Game Expansion

"This game is an escalation of the basic game into more complex rules and game procedures, which represent more realistic detail, though both games are equally valid in results. The real purpose behind behind this greater complexity is to more accurately reflect the influences affecting command decisions, by presenting the complexity of tactical detail facing the original commanders."

The Kit consists of a set of expansion rules and new counters.

Most of the rules of the original basic game continue to apply in the advanced game. The mapsheet remains the same (and is not included with the expansion kit), although terrain effects are changed. The unit counters are more numerous, since brigades are the basic level of combat units, rather than divisions as in the basic game.

Changes to the basic rules include:

Artillery may only attack by means of bombardment and all artillery attacks are resolved separately from other combats. All Artillery attacks are resolved before other (non-artillery) attacks.
Zones of Control are "sticky" (not "rigid" as in the basic game).
Stacking of units is allowed.

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