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Napoleon's Art of War: Eylau & Dresden

Number: 75

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Very Good Condition, Punched Copy.

S&T #75 7/79

Briefings Editors
Commando Stephen B. Patrick
Data File: Artillery at Gettysburg Editors
Modern Tank Ammunition Editors
For Your Eyes Only Editors
Napoleon's Art of War Albert A. Nofi
Simulation: Napoleon's Art of War O. DeWitt, B. Jervis, R. Simonsen

Napoleon's Art of War consists of two distinct and separate games: The Battle of Dresden and the Battle of Eylau. Each of these games has a body of rules in common, and specific rules for the game.

Dresden is a simulation of the battle between the French under Napoleon and the allied forces of Russia, Prussia, and Austria in August 1813. Eylau is a game depicting the struggle between the French and the Russo-Prussian force under Baron Levin Bennigsen that occurred in 1807 on February 7th and 8th in a remote area of Poland.

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