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Eagles of the Empire: Preussisch-Eylau

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Game Series
Eylau B

Product Description

Theme:      Napoleonic      Pre-Owned      Andy's Picks      Punched     

Product condition: used

Very good punched copy, content well looked after and counters are bagged and sorted. Box has minor ware to it.

Vol. III - Preussisch Eylau, fought on 7-8 February, 1807. The game recreates the famous battle fought against the Russians in the dead of winter.

This grand tactical game system of Napoleonic battlefield combat uses a unique "geomorphic" map regulating the movement and positioning of large infantry formations.

Play is accomplished through alternating activation of forces by each player. Simultaneous modified die rolls by both players resolve combat. Units incur step losses.

The game includes revised rules for the Eagles of the Empire series that simplify and enhance the overall feel of a Napoleonic battle.

Game system "Eagles of the Empire":
- scale = 500 yrds (457,20 m)/ inch;
- time = 1hr/GT;
- strength = 1.500/SP

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