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Command Magazine - Game Only (Blood and Iron: The Battle of Koniggratz)

Number: 21

Price £14.95
Game Series
Blood and Iron B
Blood and Iron C

Product Description

Theme:      Other C19     

Very Good Condition Unpunched Copy. Blood and Iron counters only, no variant counters are included.

This game is a two-player wargame covering the battle of Koniggratz (3 July 1866), the decisive battle of the 7 Weeks War between Austria and Prussia. A complete copy of the game includes 12 pages of rules, 200 counters, and a 22"X34" mapsheet (which contains the map along with some player aids). There are some extensive rules for cavalry charges, artillery, morale loss, and weather effects. The game also includes a number of 'what if?' scenarios which include alternate orders of battle as well as the historical one. Game length and victory conditions are determined by the scenario being played. Victory usually relies on capture of geographical objectives and/or elimination of opponent's forces.

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