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1979: Revolution in Iran

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1979 Iran_Cards

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1979: Revolution in Iran is a two-player card-driven boardgame that immerses the players in the history of Iran, starting with Mossadegh's appointment as Prime Minister, continuing through his removal in a US/UK-backed coup to the years of control by the Shah of Iran and culminating in the uprisings of 1979 which resulted in the Shah's removal and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini to power.

As a card-driven game (CDG), players take turns playing cards from their hand.  These cards let the players take actions (based on the number printed on the card) or they can be used to trigger real-life events which helped shape the Iranian political and social landscape.

There are two aspects of 1979: Revolution in Iran which make it different than many other CDG about events of the Cold War era:

First is that the two players are not the typical Cold War sides, Americans vs. Soviets.  They are not the focal point of the game.  Instead, 1979: Iran in Revolution pushes them to the periphery.  Instead, the two players represent Iranian royalists and reformers.  They will work with and manipulate all of the factions which played key roles in shaping modern Iran--they are all here.

Second, 1979: Iran in Revolution offers a new twist on its mechanics for players already familiar with card-driven games.  Rather than be dealt a hand, the cards are placed on the table between the players and the cards for the next turn are drafted into their hands instead.  There will be few surprises since the players will know what cards are in play for the turn.  When picking cards, players will have to decide whether to take an advantageous card or select a card to deny an opponent a specific event.


1979: Revolution in Iran's basics:

  • 2-player
  • 90-120 minute playing time
  • Ages 14-up


Box Contents:

  • 101 Event/Action Cards
  • 4 leader cards 
  • Game Board (roughly 17x22")
  • Dice
  • 54 faction tokens
  • 20 track markers
  • 6 SAVAK counters
  • 15 1" counters

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