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Russo-Japanese War (Tsushima & Port Arthur)

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Theme:      Other C20     

Product condition: used

Good punched condition

The maps are in poor condition due to the previous owner having mounted the maps, they have been removed with a small amount of damage.

Tsushima is a strategic game of the naval war between Russia and Japan, 1904-05. Individual ship counters canvas the map, searching for the enemy, and when encounters occur, engage in combat. Tsushima is a companion game to Port Arthur, which covers the land campaign of the Russo-Japanese War in similar detail.

Port Arthur: The Russo-Japanese War is a strategic simulating the land campaign in Manchuria fought between Russia and Japan, 1904-05. Individual counters representing infantry divisions, and cavalry and artillery at lower levels, maneuver on a map depicting the lay of the land in Manchuria, with units engaging in combat while seeking national objectives.

This is the packaged edition of the game also containing the "Combined Game Rules."

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