Panzerfaust (Campaign)

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In overall good condition, some light shelf-wear, staple rust, slight creasing and minor grubbiness to the cover.

***Magazine Only No Inserts/Game are included***

"The Cathedrals of Wargaming Revisited: Part I" (Industry), Jack Greene
Dungeons & Dragons - "Introduction to Yourself: Dungeons & Dragons for Beginners" (Review / Strategy), Leonard H. Kanterman and Charles Elsden
Rise and Decline of the Third Reich - "Third Reich: Twisting the Allies Tail" (Strategy), Ted Shalack
En Garde! - "En Garde!" (Review), Scott Renner
Fury in the West / Boxcars / Die-cut Unit Counters / War of the Ring: The Game of Middle Earth / Dauntless / Unit Counter Sorting Trays / The African Campaign / Battle of the Five Armies / Dungoeon Geomorphs III / Suspicion / Monster & Treasure Assortment / Outdoor Geomorphs / Star Fleet Battle Manual - "Thumbnail Analysis" (Review), Don Lowry
Down Styphon! / Blue-Light Manual / The Emerald Tablet - "Miniature Warfare" (Review), Don Lowry

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