Patton's Finest : The Battle of Arracourt 1944

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Theme:      WW2     

Patton's Finest is a simulation of the armored clash between the U.S. Third Army's 4th Armored Division and counterattacking German forces led by the 111th and 113th Panzer Brigades. After breaking out of the Normandy Bridgehead in July, the 4th Armored had led the advance across France to the German's Westwall fortifications, earning the nickname "Patton's Finest." Desperate to stop the American blitzkrieg, and recapture the vital railroad center at Nancy, Hitler placed General Von Runstedt in command. To support the counter attack, emergency reinforcements were ordered up to the Western Front that included new and improved models of Panther tanks. The armored clash east of Arracourt would confirm that the Americans had learned well the lessons of war, and would foreshadow the desperate fighting in the Ardennes a few months later.

The 11 x 17" map covers Arracourt battlefield at a third of a mile per hex. The 150 large counters show company-sized US and German armoured and mechanized forces.