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Red Storm: Dark Blue Defection

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Red Storm: Dark Blue Defection


Please note, Dark Blue Defection is not a GMT Games product and is self published. - This is a not for profit title

Dark Blue Defection is an unofficial solo expansion designed for use with GMT’s Red Storm – The Air War Over Germany, 1987, a game of operational level air combat between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. 

A copy of GMT's Red Storm is required to use this expansion.

Dark Blue Defection provides a solo only experience in which each scenario can be set up and played to conclusion in one evening. The scenarios require no planning. The forces involved are pre-set to allow speed of play.

Dark Blue Defection modifies the solo bot provided in Red Storm and provides a set of 10 smaller scenarios designed to be played in sequence with increased difficulty and a ramp up of game rules as they progress to allow learning of the game systems detailed in the Red Storm Rules of Play in a logical and fun way.

As the Player, you will play as NATO through a series of challenging connected scenarios. The Warsaw Pact forces are controlled by the Bot System.

Scenarios featuring mission types from Red Storm include close air support, interdiction, SEAD, deep strike, raid defense and a new air heist mission type.

This expansion provides information and player aids for each scenario in the following format:

Mission Briefings
Mission Briefings in a scenario booklet detail the scenario background, targets, scenario conditions, Order of Battle (OOB), scenario special rules and victory conditions.

Planning Maps
Planning Maps provide a visual aid of the area of operations for each scenario detailing flight plans for either side, objectives, starting force locations, orbit points, rally points and the front line.

Scenario Setup Sheets
Scenario Setup Sheets provide a counter tray template for the OOB to allow quick setup and drawing of counters during the scenario.

Flight Log Sheets
Populated flight log sheets are provided for each flight listed in the OOB, to allow flight tracking of damage, ammo, fuel and aggression levels during a scenario using a dry erase marker.

This physical release will comprise the following printed components:

1 x 24 Page Rules/Scenario Booklet (8.5" x 11")
21 x Double Sided Dry Erase Player Aid Cards (8.5" x 11")

The 21 Player Aids consist of:
11 x Double sided pre-populated Flight Logs
5 x Double sided Scenario Setup Cards
5 x Double sided Planning Maps

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