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Suez to Golan (MechWar 2)

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Theme:      Post WW2      Pre-Owned     

Product condition: used

Excellent Condition Part Punched Counters


Suez to Golan is a very detailed simulation of tactical combat during the October War of 1973. In addition to being published separately, the game was also published as one half of the two game package Mech War 2 (Red Star/White Star II is the other half of the set.)


Key aspects of Suez to Golan include: The issuance of commands to companies, movement in both column and dispersed formations, infantry fatigue and resting, direct fire (by automatic weapons, main guns, and ATGMs), close assault, indirect fire, morale, minefields, aircraft and air defense, ammunition depletion, effects of night, river crossings, engineers, and electronic warfare.


The Arab and Israeli units are mostly platoons. Each hex is 200 meters across and each game-turn represents five minutes.


The game has 800 counters and two mapsheets. One map depicts the Suez Canal and environs, and the other depicts a region in the Golan Heights.


There are thirteen scenarios in Suez to Golan. A comprehensive guide to scenario design is also included.


Components :

Map: 22" x 34" single sheet

Counters: 800 pieces

Rulebook: 1 standard; 1 exclusive


Stats :

Average Playing Time: 3-25 hours 

Number of Players: Two-? Player

Complexity: High

Suitability for Solitaire Play: Moderate

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