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Toktong Pass—Escape from Chosin

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Theme:      Post WW2     

Captain William Barber commanded Fox Company, which guarded the main supply route for the 5th and 7th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division at Yudam-ni, a few miles north of his position. During the night Chicom forces had attacked in force, and Captain Barber found that he had lost 15 men and 40 wounded, but 400 enemy dead lay around his position. He ordered his men to strip the Chinese dead of their ammo and equipment, much of which was of U.S. manufacture from the WWII era. The Chinese were reforming for an attack when the Captain reported in to his commander that, “We can hold Fox Hill if we can get supplied by air.” Over the next four days Fox Company received supplies by parachute.

TOKTONG PASS—ESCAPE FROM CHOSIN is a detailed new ATS system game that tells the story of the Korean War from the perspective of the men of the 1st Marine Division, retreating from the Chosin Reservoir in the face of a massive onslaught by Chinese Communist troops. The Marines knew there was only one way out from Chosin, and that was to fight their way out, outnumbered and amidst some of the most hostile terrain on earth—harsh, hilly and frozen. The Marines could only bring their superior elan and small arms to bear against an enemy determined to annihilate every American soldier north of the 38th Parallel. Frostbite was an indiscriminate enemy while every hilltop captured by the Chinese had to be re-taken, every breach in the Marine perimeter repaired by force, without delay.

Each boxed ATS release is a complete game. There is nothing more to buy to immediately begin enjoying tactical-level wargaming like never before.

TOKTONG PASS—ESCAPE FROM CHOSIN delivers unheralded action and suspense at the scale and level of detail true tactical-level enthusiasts demand—individual squads, weapons and tanks. All the subtle nuances of small unit actions are provided by the acclaimed ATS system: gun duels; separate pivoting turrets; AFV indirect fire; coaxial machine-guns; melee; smoke; armor penetration; morale; AFV overruns; and much more. And it is all accomplished using a detailed yet intuitive system that models tanks using discrete armor values at turret, superstructure, lower hull and track aspects and front, side and rear facings. The ATS system provides for the realistic use of High Explosive and Armor Piercing ammunition. All this without the need for side notes or plotting moves and in a solitaire-friendly presentation.

BEGIN PLAY ALMOST IMMEDIATELY using the provided BASIC GAME RULES and TRAINING MAPSHEET that take moments to read and allows you to get your units down on the game map within minutes.


A complete collection of color die-cut counters in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” sizes, representing the tanks, guns, and infantry that fought in the Korean War.
providing the tanks, guns, and men that fought in the battle depicted;
A two part game box
A colorful and accurate game map on heavyweight stock.
The latest edition of the ATS rules of play;
Scenarios and Play Aids printed on separate heavyweight cards;
Two ten-sided dice.

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