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Yom Kippur (Ziploc Version)

Number: 4

Price £19.95
Game Series

Product Description

Theme:      Post WW2     

Now sold in a Ziploc Bag (previously this was boxed). Please note that some components may be photocopies.

Oct. 6, 1973: Six years after the decisive Israeli victory in the Six-Day War, Egypt has armed itself again to reclaim undisputed control of the Suez Canal. This time, with better-trained and well-equipped troops (armed with new SAGGER anti-tank missiles), the Egyptians clobber the Israeli Bar-Lev defense line. Israel must once again scramble the valiant IDF and fight for its very survival.

Yom Kippur covers the bitter fighting around the Suez Canal during the 1973 October War. Both players must fight against time to win before a ceasefire is mandated by the world superpowers. The tools of the modern battlefield, incredibly destructive weapons like rocket artillery, SAM missiles and airmobile troops, are at their disposal. But despite the bewildering complexity of such computerized weapons, Yom Kippur itself is a simple-to-play, fast and fluid contest.

Game Details:

Unix Scale: Company to Brigade
Hex Scale: 2 miles / hex
Number of Players: 2 (also solitaire friendly)
Playing Time: Varies with scenario played
Complexity: Low
Solitaire Suitability: High


One map
280 counters
Series Rules (may be a photocopy)
Game Rules (may be a photocopy)
Two Dice

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