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Fornaldar: Nordic Saga

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Fornaldar Nordic Saga Map
Fornaldar Nordic Saga Map A
Fornaldar Nordic Saga Counters 1
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Product Description

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Karoly Szigetvari's Fornaldar is a strategic fantasy game that expands upon David James Richie's game Albion, which first appeared in the original Ares Magazine when it was published by SPI.

Albion: Land of Faerie presented a fantasy war of Trolls versus Faeries and Humans in the Enchanted Isles (of Britain and Ireland). Fornaldar expands the Albion universe to Scandia, (Scandinavia).

Fornaldar: Nordic Saga is a two player game of strategy, set against the backdrop of the War of the Sampo, 2721 and the Second Northern War, 2679. One player (The Fomorian League player) controls the various troll clans (Skane, Basulea, Fynn & Lochlann) as well as their allies, the mundane kingdom of Ycelia. The other player (The Mundane Alliance player) controls the mundane kingdoms of Midhrasir, Nerfringia, and Suderpathia, the allied dwarves of Normorea, the elves of Thulorm, and the mermen of Skergota. The giants (Jotuns) are controlled according to scenario.

The players alternately move counters representing the armies and characters under their control across a map of ancient Scandinavia and Jutland and use these pieces to attack each other, to capture strategic objectives, and to fulfill their victory conditions in the selected scenario.

The map represents Ancient Sweden and Norway as far north as most established settlements of the time, Denmark, part of Finland, the European continent and surrounding waters.

The playing pieces represent armies, individual ships, characters and markers.

Armies are represented by individual Combat Strength Points (CSP’s) of a particular race and kingdom. Within the same color, these pieces are interchangeable. Each CSP represents 50 to 150 soldiers, depending on the race.

Each ship piece represents a single named warship at full strength (when face up) or damaged (when face down).

Each character playing piece represents one of the leaders who fought in the war. In most cases, the front face of the piece shows the person in the company of an escort of troops (equivalent to a single CSP), and the back face shows the person without this escort.

Projected Contents:

2 22x34" size game maps
3 sheets of 9/16" counters, 744 total counters
Fully illustrated rules book
Game Box

Game Design: Karoly Szigetvari

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