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Mystery Wizard

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"What I adore about Mystery Wizard  is all the personality packed into the various wizards that you get to try.  It reminds me in a fond way of Cosmic Encounter, with complex interactions among a rotating cast of characters, playing out within a simple engine. Mystery Wizard  then amps up the variation with a deck of spells and artifacts that combine in rapid-fire shootouts. The multi-way asymmetry going on in this kind of design is devilishly tricky to balance. The clever inventors of Mystery Wizard  spent years tuning and trimming, and that hard works shows in every play." 
-- Volko Ruhnke 



Game Overview:

On a hexed isle far across a shining sea, wizards duel for magical supremacy and the fate of the island itself.


Mystery Wizard is a game for 2 to 6 players that takes around an hour to play, starring 8 unique spellcasting characters, each providing a radically different strategic experience. When each player chooses a wizard, they are selecting a totally unique set of spells and abilities which will flavor their strategic choices and paths to victory.



Each wizard begins the game in their village, in a corner of the hexagonal board. In the center of the board is a tower filled with ancient secrets. The objective of the game is to loot the tower and return two of its Mysteries home to your village. However, Mysteries are scarce, and in order to secure your own, you’ll need to take them from someone else. Fierce opposition from rival wizards will take the form of fireballs, cyclones, wild animals, lightning bolts and more, leading to a chaotic capture-the-flag brawl where alliances can form or dissolve in the blink of an eye.


Players must also navigate the effects of villainous priests, friendly goblins, burning desert sands, civil war, and more. A dynamic and engaging quest system brings the hexed isle to life with events and monsters, and provides a way for wizards to earn enchanted gear and powerful spells by seeking out lost temples and buried treasure. However, a creeping madness threatens to corrupt the land if the wizards do not move fast enough. The tension and difficulty slowly increase throughout game and lead to an end game characterized by knife’s edge decision, where making one wrong move could spell doom.


Game play: 


The most important feature of Mystery Wizard’s gameplay is spell casting. Every wizard has three signature spells that provide the basis for their strategy, but wizards will also discover one-use scrolls that provide rare magical effects. Some spells can only be cast on your turn, but many can be played instantly to disrupt opponents, dodge away from incoming attacks, or combine with other spells, strengthening or subverting the original caster’s intent. 


These spell casting combos, along with each wizard’s natural abilities and passive enhancements form the basis of mystery wizard’s gameplay. You must master these fundamentals in order to adapt to a rapidly changing strategic situation, where interference from other wizards, emerging crises, and occasionally powerful boss monsters can either hinder your carefully laid plans or play right into your clever traps. Mystery Wizard strikes a balance between reliance on tactical improvisation and developing a long term master plan. Depending on the wizard you decide to play and your own personal strategy you might spend most of the game peacefully gathering artifacts off the seafloor and gathering power, or hunting down and slaying rival wizards and monsters to steal their knowledge and delay their plans.”




  • 1 mounted 17” x 17” Game board
  • 1 Duel Mat
  • 2 Mystery tokens
  • 8 (Red) Health dice and one (white) Rolling die
  • 60 Reward cards
  • 40 Quest cards
  • 3 Artifact cards
  • 2 Mystery Madness cards
  • 24 Ritual Spells
  • 4 Wizard-specific cards
  • 8 Wizard sheets [5”x5”] 
  • 8 Wizard and 2 Companion Stand-Up Counters and Stands
  • 31 (1” diameter) circular/hexagonal counters:
    • 8 Village tokens
    • 3 Boss tokens
    • 20 Hazard tokens
  • 1 Instruction book
  • 1 Lorebook/playbook 
  • 8 small plastic bags



  • 2-6 players
  • Playing Time: 45-90 minutes
  • Ages 12+


Designers: Zachary Eberhart, Aiden Guiffre, and Jackson Warley

Developer: Andrew Ruhnke

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