Quick 6 Scenario Pack

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Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     

West Coast Rumble 2018 Tournament Scenario Pack (Includes the following scenarios):

1. Simple Mission; France, 27 May 1940, Germans vs. British

2. Baron's Counterattack; France, 10 June 1944, Germans vs. Americans

3. Bloody Disaster; Italy, 1944, Germans vs. Americans

4. Seize the Moment; Guadalcanal, 19 August 1942, USMC vs. Japanese

5. Drive to Ioannia; Greece, 1 November 1940, Italians vs. Greeks

6. Per l’Onore di Roma, 12 August 1941, Italians vs. Russians


Each scenario is played on half a map board with a handful of counters per each side; these scenarios are fast, with limited SSR, to ensure minimum set up time and maximum game time.