Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - Schwerpunkt's Greatest Hits II

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This is a collection of 10 (one each) that were previously released in the pages of Schwerpunkt Volumes 11 through 20. This volume of Rally Point is aimed at those ASL players who do not already own Schwerpunkt, but who want to sample some of our best scenarios. This pack does not contain any new scenarios, so if you already own Schwerpunkt, you already have these scenarios and there is absolutely no reason to buy this product.
Each of the 10 scenarios is printed on cardstock in Schwerpunkt’s easy-to-read format. These scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

RPT111 Malignant Mahrattas - Near SIBONG, Burma, 26 July 1944: The 4/5 Mahrattas, 23rd Indian Infantry Division defend a board 32 roadblock and attempt to interdict the road on board 50, while Japanese 33rd Infantry Division attempts to clear the way. This 5.5 turn tournament-level PTO scenario is a thriller.

RPT112 The Bozsoki Relay - TORDA, Transylvania, 22 September 1944: The Hungarian 25th Reconnaissance Battalion is breaking out on boards 17 and 18. Russian Sherman tanks and infantry engage the Hungarian relief force of 43M Zrinyi II assault guns, while blocking the escape of Hungarian infantry and armored cars in a scenario that tests both players' abilities to attack and defend.

RPT113 The Legrew Maneuver - ST. JEAN-ROHRBACH, France, 22 November 1944: The German 11th Panzer Division is forced to withdraw from board y under pressure from the American 6th Armored Division. Jagdpanzer IV(L)s, PzIVJs and infantry must cross board 44 in 5 turns, while hotly pursued by American infantry, Shermans and an M-10. Can you exit before the Americans cut off your escape route?

RPT114 THE Fond dagot Drag-out - MAISONCELLE, France, 14 May 1940: Elements of the Grossdeutchland Infantry Regiment attacks a stubborn group of French infantry and FCM 36 tanks defending half boards 2, 3, 18 and 50.  Game Length: 6.5 turns.

RPT115 Halfhearted Hiwis - LE MESNIL, France, 7 June 1944: A mixed force of Osttruppe and Hilfswillige and supporting GSW 39H (f)s attack a French village defended by Canadian Paratroopers with off-board artillery. This scenario uses boards 42 and 54. Game Length: 5 turns.

RPT116 The Elefant of Surprise - GAGARINKA, Ukraine, U.S.S.R., 23 July 1943: Two HIP Ferdinand tank destroyers and a detachment of German infantry defend on boards 17 and 43 against a reinforced Russian rifle company supported by T-34 M43s and SU-122s. Game length: 5.5 turns.

RPT117 Requiem for a Dreadnaught - PTYCHA, Ukraine, U.S.S.R., 30 June 1941: A German rifle company with supporting PzIIIs, PzIVs and PSW 231 (8R)s clear a village held by the Russian 34th Motorized Rifle Regiment. Russian T-35 land battleships make a rare appearance in this 5.5 turn scenario, set on boards 1a, 2a, and 62.

RPT118 Mius Mischief - Near STEPANOVKA, Russia 27 July 1943: A company of German infantry with supporting StuIG 33Bs and PzVIHs defends the village on board 5a against an attack by the 4th Guards Mechanized Brigade and six T-34/85s. This 5.5 turn, medium-sized scenario has plenty of tense action.

RPT119 Varosliget Park - BUDAPEST, Hungary, 10 January 1945: Elements of 26th Dorobanti Regiment, Romanian 2nd Infantry Division valiantly defend their entrenchments against Hungarians of the 1st Company, Budapest Police Assault Battalion and their supporting antique L3/35(i) tankettes. This tournament scenario has a game length of 4.5 turns and is set on boards 6 and 65.

RPT120 Galician Persuasion - OTYNYIYA, Galicia, Hungary, 20 April 1944: A company of Russian 4-4-7s is defending the board 59 village with T-34 M43s, and a 45L AT gun, while a Hungarian infantry company with 6 reinforcing Zrinyi IIs attacks. A 120mm vs. 82mm mortar duel makes this 5.5 turn action set on boards 59 and 66 an exciting scenario for both sides.