Red Parachutes

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Very good condition unpunched copy. Counters are sorted and bagged.

Red Parachutes - Soviet Airborne Assault Across the Dnepr, is a game based on the September 1943 Soviet Airborne operation which attempted to force a series of crossings of the Dnepr river near the city of Kanev.

1 22"x34" map, 980 counters, 16 pages of rules plus charts and tables.

Scale is 2 km per hex, units are battalions and companies, each turn is about 1/4th of a day (AM, Mid-Day, PM and Night).

At the beginning of each day, players receive replacements and artillery ammunition. Players then alternate turns conducting movement, special operations, deploying reinforcements, bombarding, attacking. This is a typical Igo-Ugo system, using an odds-based CRT with many modifiers. There are many special rules covering airdrops, river crossings, artillery bombardment etc.

This is a medium-high complexity game with high unit density.

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