Red Sun/Red Star: The Nomonhan Campaign, 1939 (GAME ONLY)

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Red Sun / Red Star is a simulation of the battles fought between the Soviets and Japanese in the barren wastes along the ill-defined borders between Mongolia and Manchuria in July-August 1939.

It has one 22x34" map, 240 counters.

Scale is 1 day turns, 3/4 mile per hex, battalions and companies.

Rules are pretty much standard operational WWII system fare with artillery and air missions. Combat is before movement, although units may make overruns during movement. Combat is defensive fire-offensive fire routine using firepower totals and column shifts. Losses are steps but with excess combat strength kept in a pool for future replacement.

3 scenarios : Japanese initial drive, Soviet counter-attack (with a Japanese free setup variant) and Campaign Game.

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