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The Thirty Years War: The Great War 1618 - 48

Number: 173

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Theme:      Rennaissance      Magazines and Books      Pre-Owned      Punched     

Very Good Condition, Punched Copy.

Battle in Ia Drang Timothy Kutta

Battles of the American Revolution Part I Joseph Miranda


Simulation: Thirty Years War Joseph Miranda

30 YEARS WAR is a game of the conflict fought from 1618 through 1648 in Europe. The game may be played by two, three or four individuals or groups, each representing one or more "Major Powers." The objective of each player is to gain dominance over Europe. ...

Each game turn represents one year. Each area represents a historical region. Each leader represents an individual and supporting staff. Each strength point represents a brigade of about three Tercios, regiments, Ortas, etc. with a strength of 3-6000 soldiers (plus an indefinite number of camp followers).

Warfare In Motion Perry Moore

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