Rivoli 1797 (English Edition)

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Theme:      Napoleonic      Pre-Owned      Partly Punched     

Very good part punched copy, counters have been bagged and sorted. Content is in great condition minor rusting to staples due to age of game. Box has some shelf ware.


The Battle of Rivoli on January 14th, 1797 between the French Armée d´Italie under the young Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austrian "Armee in Italien" under Feldzeugmeister Baron Alvinczy.

The game is one part of SimTac´s series Battles of the Revolution and the Empire on battalion/ regimental level.



648 die cut counter,

1 38" x 27" game map,

3 rulebooks,

Play Aid Charts and Tables,

2 ten sided dice

Basic and Advanced Rule Books


Units are regiments, battalions, batteries, and leaders

Each strength point represent 100 infantry, 50 cavalry or 3 cannons

150 yards per hex

15 minutes per turn

Medium Complexity

Solitaire Suitability Low

Excellent English Ed.

Game Design J. L. Arcon.