Rocket's Red Glare: A Guide to the War of 1812

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"Very Good" condition, signs of shelf-wear from long term storage (minor foxing/grubbiness, staple rust, light creasing).
Cover a touch loose but intact, all text perfectly legible.

Subtitled 'A Guide to the War of 1812' this booklet covers the 3 year war between Britain and the infant United States.

The booklet contains historical background, tactics, uniforms, flags, and three sets of miniatures rules. In addition it has 10 land scenarios and 12 naval ones.

One set of miniatures rules is called Battle Scale (1 figure = 50 men), and the other Small Unit Scale (1 figure = 15 men). The third set of rules covers naval actions.

Leaders are handled extremely well in this game. Each leader is rated as one of Brilliant, Efficient, Plodding or Buffoon(!). Ordinary playing cards are used to determine a number of actions each leader may initiate. Cards used include Aces (one action), 2s and 3s (2 and 3 actions, of course) and Jokers (2 actions and reshuffle). A Buffoon's deck has only one "3" card in it, but four aces, while a Brilliant Leader's is the opposite. Thus a small, well-led force can run rings around a much larger, poorly-led one. In the land battles actions affect firing, movement and formation changes; in the naval game they affect firing only.

Quick and fun, as well as being adaptable to other, similar periods.