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Albuera & Vittoria

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Good Condition Punched Copy. Minor shelf-wear from long-term storage/light use. Creasing/grubbiness/rusty staples. Loose counters are bagged. 

Wargamer Vol.1 No.08


Albuera / Vittoria (by B.Latter)

Albuera is a simulation of the Peninsular War battle of that name. The game is for two players. One commands the French forces and the other the Allied troops of the Spanish, British and Portuguese. Each player in turn manouevres his troops on the map according to the restrictions of terrain, leadership, and morale, trying to cause or avoid combat between adjacent units at the end of each movement phase. Artillery can bombard at a distance, with range and target density effects, and a new game-system shows the difference between the traditional arms of cavalry and infantry. The infantry commands slug it out at close musket attrition while the cavalry looks for broken or demoralized targets for their 'death or glory' charges.

One 17" x 22" blue on tan map, 26 red British, 16 white Spanish, and 29 blue French units, played in 14 turns.


Alma and the Squads - J.Greene

Artillery - Ferguson

Bandits, Angels and all that (Air Force) - Hind

- Burma
- Citadel: Battle of Dien Bien Phu
- Mission Aloft
- Napoleon at Bay
- Third World War
- To the Green Fields Beyond
- William the Conqueror
- World War I

De-Briefing: To Glory We Steer - J.Hind
- Frigate (SPI)

Little Big Fight (Stonewall) - D.Mack

Scenario: Repairs On the Drive to Stalingrad - R.Wilcox

Third Reich (An Analysis) - P.Hirst

Tobruk on Five Shiilings a Day (Desert Rats) - J.Hind

Wellington in the Peninsula

Where Shining Popocatapetl in the Sunlght Stands (Veracruz) - Mack

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