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Very Good Condition Partly Punched Copy

CityfightModern Combat in the Urban Environment, is a super-detailed tactical simulation of post World War II combat in the urban environment. Placed in the role of platoon, company, or battalion commander, the player is faced with a wide variety of offensive or defensive missions to be carried out in a built-up area. The player must manage such specialized units as sappers, snipers, spotters, flamethrowers, and military police.

Very limited intelligence with respect to the location of Enemy forces is a key characteristic of the game system. You can name it "double-blind" due to the fact that you just manage your own troops on your own map while your opponent is managing his forces on his own map. The opponent's forces have to be detected and then be marked with "known/unknown"-markers on your own map.

Twenty scenarios include historical conflicts ranging from 1956 to 1979, and hypothetical situations involving NATO, Soviet, Chinese, and irregular forces.

A comprehensive guide to scenario design is included.

[Note: The actual name of the game, as given in the rules, is "Cityfight." People often call it "City-Fight" because the name had to be hyphenated on the front of the box cover, and is also hyphenated on the box sides and on the maps where there is no such imperative.]

Firefight is a similar game utilizing the same base system but without the many complications introduced in Cityfight.

Game Scale:
Game Turn: 20 seconds
Hex: 55 feet / 16.67 meters
Units: Individual Infantry & Vehicles to Fireteams

Game Inventory:
Two identical 17 x 22" four color mapsheets
Five dual-side printed countersheets (1400 1/2" counters - 567 combat & 833 markers)
Two 64-page Cityfight rulebook
One 40-page Cityfight TO&E, Charts & Tables booklet
One 8-page Charts & Tables booklet
Four 6-sided dice

Solitaire Playability: Very Low
Complexity Level: Variable
Players: 2 or more
Playing Time: 2-100 hours

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