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Fallschirmjager - Airborne Assault, Holland 1940

Number: 8

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In the spring of 1940, the German military machine turned west to convert the Phoney War into a real one. Fresh from his victory in Poland, Hitler planned a blow that would knock France out of the war. key to this plan was knife-like attack through the Ardennes to the English Channel which would split the Allied forces moving north to block the expected replay of 1914 and the Maginot Line forces immobile in the south. To add to the trap, the Germans planned the first massive airborne operation of the war. This attack would capture the hinterland of Holland, pave the way for subordinate German Armored thrusts crossing the Maas, and to continue the lure the Allies northward.

Fallschirmjaeger covers this bait. The German player plops down an airborne invasion force with the goal of fighting off all-comers until relieved by advancing ground forces. The Dutch, all but abandoned by their French and British Allies, put up a fight for the record books. The German air bridge held on by its fingernail. While the main German drive was never in doubt, these scattered paratroopers had the fight of their lives against a small nation unwilling to succumb without giving the fight everything

In the end, the Dutch government had to be evacuated along with the Dutch Gold Reserve, to form a government in exile. They would return after liberation.

The player must do all these things, or smash the German paratroopers before they are rescued by the Panzers, to win. Any German player thinking he'll have an easy time, must be reminded his is not Nazi Germany's main effort and that he must make-do on a shoestring.

Fallschirmjaeger is the eighth game in the popular Standard Combat Series. Following the smash hit of Drive on Paris, Al Wambold returns to show this under- represented battle in great detail, much of which, from original Dutch records...and, yes, Dutch researchers were used to confirm the accuracy of the map!

One map
560 counters
Series Rules
Game Rules
Two Dice
Unit Scale: Platoons, Companies
Hex Scale One Kilometer
Players: 2 (also suitable for solitaire play)
Playing Time: Varies with scenario played
Complexity: Moderate
Solitaire Suitability: High

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