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General Magazine - Richthofen's War

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 Very Good Condition, including inserts

MAR-APR 1975 ( link)

  • “COVER STORY: Richthofen's War ... A Fun Game”
  • The Avalon Hill Philosophy - Part 49: Reader response, Origins I discussion
  • Richthofen's War – “Richthofen's War. . . A Fun Game” (Discussion) Scott Duncan
  • Richthofen's War – “A Solitaire Version: The Ketterling Aerial Torpedo” (Variant Discussion) Mark Saha
  • Richthofen's War – “Three More Campaign Games” (Variant Discussion) Al Bisasky
  • PanzerBlitz – “Professional Russian” (Strategy) Carl Hoffman
  • Design Analysis - Rise and Decline of the Third Reich John Prados, Don Greenwood
  • Series Replay - Rise and Decline of the Third Reich Demonstration Albert A. Nofi, Lenny Glynn, Lee Euler, David C. Isby, Don Greenwood
  • 1776 – “1776 Operations” (Strategy) Jack Greene
  • Letters to the Editor ...
  • Reader Buyer's Guide - Panzer Leader
  • The Question Box - Alexander the Great, Afrika Korps, The Game of France, 1940: German Blitzkrieg in the West, Midway, D-Day
  • GENERAL Back Issues
  • Infiltrators Report
  • Opponents Wanted
  • Rise and Decline of the Third Reich – “Reader Buyer's Guide Submission Form” (Insert)
  • “Discount Coupon” (Insert)
  • “Opponent Wanted Submission Form” (Insert)
  • “Origins I Lodging Request Form” (Insert)
  • Rise and Decline of the Third Reich – “CONTEST NO. 65” (Insert)
  • “Origins I Pre-Registration Forms” (Insert)
  • Waterloo – “WATERLOO Playing Aid” (Insert)

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