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Panzer Battles

Number: 73

Price £39.95

Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Pre-Owned     

Product condition: used

Very good condition unpunched copy (some box crushing)

Panzer Battles: Tactical Armored Warfare in World War II, is a tactical level game of three World War II armored battles: Between German and American forces near Arracourt, France, in September 1944; between German and Soviet troops on the Berlin Highway in March 1945; and between German and British tanks in North Africa in May 1942.


Emphasis on command control and doctrine for each nationality.


Orders are selected by the player for his companies. Available orders: Bound, overwatch, bounding overwatch, withdraw and rally.


First published in Strategy & Tactics magazine #73, March/April 1979.


Uses the MechWar 2 system.


Game Scale:

Turn: 5 minutes

Map: 200 meters per hex

Unit: Platoon


Game Contents:

One 22 x 34" map

One countersheet (200 1/2" counters)

One 16 page rulebook

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