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Schwerpunkt: A Forum of Independent ASL Scenario Design

Number: 10

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This issue's 24-page booklet contains Brook White's article, The Shades of Poland: The Polish in ASL, as well as our trademark analyses and designer's notes for scenarios SP109-SP120. Mark Pitcavage is back with us and we are proud to feature his interview with Squad Leader designer, John Hill. There is also an ASL Starter Kit compatible scenario that both new and experienced players will enjoy. Each of the 12 scenarios are printed on card stock in our easy to read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions. There's something is this pack for players of all experience levels!

SP109 Olboeter's Escape: 1st Polish Armored Division Shermans and infantry are holding the last escape route at the Falaise Gap. This is a large combined arms action with 12th SS Panzer Division Tigers, Panthers and flak wagons attacking to seize the board 42 while trying to exit a portion of the force. This scenario uses boards 17, 37, 38, 42, 44, and 50.

SP110 The Chernichivo Shuffle: Leutnant Meyer's two Tiger Is reinforce SS Polizei on boards 48 and 49 as the Russian 220th Tank Brigade attacks with a company of infantry supported by seven KV-1 M41s. This 5.5 turn scenario is suitable for tournament play.

SP111 Why at Erp: This is Schwerpunkt's first ASL Starter Kit compatible scenario. Two platoons of fallschirmjagers defend the village of Erp, Holland as a company of U.S. Paratroops execute a two-pronged attack on board Y. This scenario is intended to bridge the gap between veteran ASLers and new players. This is a fast-playing 4.5 turn scenario that will be a tournament favorite.

SP112 Foreshadowing Silvertop: A group of German halftracks from Panzer Brigade 107 fight a rear guard action on boards 17 and 46 as British reconnaissance forces from 11th Armoured Division try to cut off their escape. This action pits an assortment of halftracks against British armored cars in an exciting tournament-level vehicular duel.

SP113 The Tigers Wrecked'em: Eleven Tiger tanks attack to clear a company of Canadian infantry supported by Fireflies and Sherman Vs from boards 11, 43, and 46. This is a large tank battle with lots of replay value.

SP114 Seizing Gyulamajor: Stalin tanks and a stubborn company of Russian infantry defend hills on boards 3 and 11 against German Aufklarungs Abteilung 70, supported by six King Tigers. This is Eastern Front heavy metal action at its finest.

SP115 The Five Pound Prize: A company from the British 49th Infantry Division defends Fontenay Le Pesnel while infantry and PzIVs of the 12th SS Panzer Division attacks to clear them from their board 22 strongpoint. This is a 5 turn tournament scenario with lots of tense action.

SP116 Loonies and Leicesters: This is a very different tournament level scenario that features Germans defending the area of an asylum. Time is of the essence for the attacking British who must secure the objective while both sides try to avoid injuring the many escaped mental patients wandering the battlefield. This scenario is fast-playing and will go down to the wire and test your ability to avoid inflicting excessive casualties upon the civilians.

SP117 Stranded Cats: Veteran designer, Brian Williams returns to Burma and gives us a rare Japanese attack on a built-up area. The British defend board 20 with a reinforced platoon, supported by the deadly Marm-Herr III MFF. This 5.5 turn scenario is perfect for PTO tournament play.

SP118 Seizing the Sittang Bridge: A Chinese infantry company with its back to the Sittang River defends a vital bridge on as Japanese infantry and armored cars converge of the vital crossing. This is tight PTO action uses boards 17 and 40 and is guaranteed to go right down to the wire. This makes a great final round scenario for tournament play or a short evening game.

SP119 Captain Lambert's Factory: Mike Faulkner has designed a classic featuring the need for both the Canadians and the Germans to attack and defend in this swirling urban melee. Deception is a key ingredient for success in this 7.5 turn thriller set on boards 21 and 22.

SP120 Kettlehut to the Rescue: Hugh Downing took a break from his highly-praised Gurkha series to bring us a brutal German assault on U.S. Rangers defending board 9 hilltop positions near Bergtein, Germany. This high-casualty action will test player morale of both sides. You might want put your helmet on for this one.

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