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Bombers at War: The Battle of the Bismarck Sea (Sonic Quill Publications 3rd Edition)

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Excellent un-punched Copy

Board game by Raymond Mulholland, designed for 1 or 2 players ages 15 and up. Companion to the popular Airships at War (3rd Edition), this module does for airplanes what Airships at War did for Zeppelins. It covers the early development of the A-20 and B-25 gunships and highlights the disastrous Japanese naval defeat (as a historical first, the winning side did not have any naval forces of their own involved).


  • 14 scenarios (5 of which feature Australian pilots and planes)
  • 16 airplane data sheets
  • 15 pages of new rules
  • 20 new phase deck cards.
  • As a special feature, one scenario is "Operation Vengeance", where US pilots killed Admiral Yamamoto.

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