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Perryville, the Battle for Kentucky

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Very Good unpunched copy, counter and map are in great condition, however the box has a fair bit of ware to it and some minor ware to rules and sheets. Box and rules are still fit for purpose.

Perryville, the Battle for Kentucky, October 7 - 9th, 1862

In the fall of 1862, the young Rebel nation launched two invasions into border state territory. One ended in the bloody Battle of Antietam. The other—lesser known—effort culminated in the Battle of Perryville.
Bragg’s campaign to seize Kentucky from the North was of critical importance. A crippling blow dealt here would have transferred the war from Tennesse (and further south) to the Ohio River. U.S. Grant’s efforts at Fort Donelson and Shiloh would have been voided. The war in the west would be fundamentally altered in the South’s favor.
As it was, Bragg was unable to bring in the available Confederate forces and fight a decisive battle against Buell. In this game, however, the player can take an active hand in drawing on all the Southern forces to bring on the battle that might have been.

With one map and 280 counters, Perryville makes an excellent starter game for players new to the successful Civil War, Brigade game series. With both the latest edition of the rules and a smaller battle to work with, new players will be able to quickly garner the skills needed to compete successfully in the other (larger) series games.

280 Counters
One 22” x 34” Map

Game Scale
Units are Brigades
30 Minutes per Turn
200 yards per Hex

Complexity Medium
Solitaire Suitability High

Playing Time 2-30 Hours

Game Design David A. Powell

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