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The Crusades

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S&T #70 9/78

Briefings Editors
German Military Leadership Editors
Data File: Horse in War Editors
Data File: Normans at War Editors
For Your Eyes Only Editors
NATO Division Commander S.B. Patrick
Simulation: Crusades M. Herman, R. Simonsen

A strategic level hex-wargame treatment of the 1st and 3rd Crusades, 1096-1099 and 1190-1192 respectively. The rules for each Crusade share the same basic mechanics however the 3rd Crusade scenario is designed as a two-player only game, while the 1st Crusade scenario is intended for multi-player play, and has additional rules covering diplomatic and economic elements.

Distinguishing features:

- Combat occurs within hexes.
- Sieges play a significant part in the game.
- The 1st Crusade scenario creates a co-operative yet competitive game in that the crusader players must co-operate for the Crusade to succeed yet still need to pursue their own objectives (the same applies to the Muslim players).
- Lots of atmospheric 'chrome', individual Crusader and Muslim leader are present as units, random events (plague, visions, treachery etc), Armenian and Byzantine intervention.
- All orders for a turn are pre-written - makes for a long game (particularly the 1st Crusade scenario).
- The map covers South-East Asia minor down through the Holy Land and Northern Egypt. Constantinople and the early part of the rout of the 1st Crusade is therefore not covered.

One of the few (if not only) strategic level treatments of the Crusades.

The Crusades Thomas Walczyk

Mint Condition Unpunched Copy.

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