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War in the East: The Russo-German Conflict, 1941-1945 (1st Edition)

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A Fair Condition Punched Copy (no front cover). Many of the counters are covered in blue tack, some have been blue tacked to sheets of paper, some are in small grip top bags. It will take a lot of work to clean this game up, hence the price.

War in the East is a simulation on a Corps/Division level of the Russo-German war of 1941-1945. The game covers the entire war from the Axis invasion of Russia to the final destruction of the Axis armies four years later. The Axis player has a fixed reinforcement rate, but the Russian player must decide what type of units he wants to produce by allocating his available resources. These decisions are critical to the game as they were in the war. There are also rules for supply, weather, air power and Axis Minor allies as well as variant campaign game rules. In addition to the campaign game, there are four yearly scenarios, one for each year 1941-1944, which simulate the situation at key times during the campaign. Those scenarios cover the Barbarossa Campaign, the Stalingrad Campaign, Kursk and the Destruction of Army Group Center.

One week per turn
20 miles per hex

Game Design Jim Dunnigan 1974
Four 22 x 28" Maps
2000 ounters

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