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Wargamer's Guide to Midway

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Good condition, includes the full colour Coral Sea Board


The Wargamer's Guide to Midway collection of what Avalon Hill considered to be its best articles and variants. Several analysis and tactical articles appear. Two of the scenario expansions from the General are reprinted. The 36 pages thick guide contains the following items:

The Midway Thesis, page 3-7, by H. Totten & D. Greenwood. An in depth article on the mechanics and tactics of Midway. Serious analysis of play and probability on the battle board.
Midway Re-worked, page 7, by V. Madeja. A small suggestion changing operations on the search board.
One Ship Invasion Fleet?, page 8, by C.B. Pelto. Replaces the Atago “invasion ship” with transports, and their escorts.
Midway, Bismark Style, page 8, by P. Harlem. Surface battle resolution based on the 1962 version of Bismark
Chicken Yamamoto, page 9, by L. Clarck. Adds the Aleutians task force for use in the main battle. Includes destroyers (for those who use them), and a redress of the invasion fleet.
What Next?: Destroyers at Midway, page 9, by S. Marston. Adds destroyer rules. Destroyers appear in divisions, similar to those Jutland.
Gross Injustice to Submarines, page 10, by R. Gutenkust. Replaces the B-17 rule with submarines. (At least submarines got hits.) Assumes original invasion ship rule.
Midway and the British Home Fleet, page 11-12, by R.D. Thurston. Rules for British ships in Midway and other variants of the Midway system. Amusing introductory text.
Mass or Maneuver? American Plans for Midway, page 12, by M. Gray. Explorers search board considerations from the American point of view.
The rest of the Alphabet, page 13, by L. Berger. Follow-up of 'Mass or Maneuver?", strategy as seen by the Japanese commander.
Back to Nuts and Bolts, page 14-15, by H. Totten. Reflections on search board play, strategy and tactics.
Midway – Unstereotyped, page 15-16, by M. Saviet. A few suggestions for Midway detail and play balance (but greatly muddies the waters, detractong from Midway's clear, simple rules).
Midway – Equilibrated, page 17, by C.G. Nelson. More play balance variants in retort of Mark Saviet's Midway-Unstereotyped.
Midway – Series Replay, page 18-21, by M. Uhl & D. Greenwood. A series replay by Mike Uhl and Don Greenwood, using full tournament and optional rules, as well as the official rule changes which appeared in the Wargamers Guide (this guide).
Leyte Gulf, page 22-27, by R.D. Harmon. A scenario based on the desperate operation by the Japanese Navy. Introduces kamikazes for use against the massive American fleet.
Pacific Theatre via Midway, page 28-33, by A. Moon. A rewrite of the Coral Sea variant with four new scenarios. Cleans up minor problems from the version in the General.
The Battle for Australia, page 34, by R. Sarti. A hypothetical scenario using nearly all the ships from main game and the Pacific Theatre via Midway.
Official Rules Changes & Optional Rule, page 36.
Midway - Questions and Answers, page 36.
Midway - Articles Appearing in The General, page 36.

page 26: Leyte Gulf variant

page 27: Leyte Gulf variant
page 33: Coral Sea variant board

Hit Record Sheets:
page 29: Coral Sea variant - Coral Sea scenario
page 30: Coral Sea variant - Eastern Solomons scenario
page 31: Coral Sea variant - Santa Cruz scenario
page 32: Coral Sea variant - Guadalcanal scenario
page 35: Midway Hit Record sheet

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