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Pre-owned  games, see description for condition.


NOTE: Not all pre-owned games are here yet in this section. They will be eventually but until then the description of condition should help (Punched counters - pre-owned, un-punched possibly pre-owned)

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Wacht am Rhein: The Battle of the Bulge, 16 Dec 44 - 2 Jan 45

Very good condition partly-punched copy (unboxed). It comes in a large

Sales price: £150.00

War in the East: The Russo-German Conflict, 1941-1945 (1st Edition)

A Fair Condition Punched Copy (no front cover) War in the East is a s

Base price: £195.00
Sales price: £75.00
62% discount!

War of the States: Gettysburg, 1863. Number 1

Brilliant unpunched copy, some scuffing to box. The Origins Award win

Base price: £37.95
Sales price: £29.95
21% discount!

War of the Suns: The Chinese War of Resistance 1937-45

An excellent copy of the game. Opened yet un-played. Counters are all

Base price: £132.95
Sales price: £117.95
11% discount!

War of the Worlds II

Very Good Punched Copy

Base price: £24.95
Sales price: £17.95
28% discount!

War to End Wars

Very good unpunched copy This game consists of a thin BOX with artwor

Sales price: £31.95

Wargamer's Guide to Midway

Good condition, includes the full colour Coral Sea Board

Sales price: £14.95

Warsaw Rising: Revolt of the Polish Underground, 1944 . Number 107

Very Good Condition, Punched Copy. Simulation of the Polish resistance

Base price: £21.95
Sales price: £14.95
32% discount!

We the People

The game that started the "card based" wargame series. Very good punc

Sales price: £54.95

West Wall. Number 35

Wargamer Vol.1 No.35 Nov 1984 A double-blind wargame, this divisional

Sales price: £8.95

Western Front Tank Leader

Very Good Condition Punched Copy. Minor shelf-wear to the box, counter

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £34.95
30% discount!

When Lions Sailed. Number 268

Very good condition punched copy When Lions Sailed (WLS), designed by

Base price: £27.95
Sales price: £21.95
21% discount!

White Bear and Red Moon (2nd Edition)

Good condition punched copy. Comes in a large griptop bag. Map has bee

Base price: £120.00
Sales price: £89.95
25% discount!

White Eagle Eastward: Russo-Polish War. Number 156

Very Good Condition, Punched Copy. Russo-Polish war of 1920.

Base price: £19.95
Sales price: £14.95
25% discount!

White Eagles: The Poles

Very Good Condition Punched Copy World War II began when German tanks

Base price: £19.95
Sales price: £14.95
25% discount!

WIA: Franco-Prussian War (No Magazine). Number 149

Game Only Franco-Prussian War is a simulation of the Franco-Prussian

Base price: £34.95
Sales price: £27.95
20% discount!

WIA: The Austro-Prussian War, 1866. Number 167

Very Good Condition, Punched Copy. Austro-Prussian War simulates the S

Sales price: £27.95

Wilson's Creek: The West's First Fight, August 10, 1861 (GBACW). Number 80

Good condition, Punched Copy. Part of the Great Battles of the America

Base price: £34.95
Sales price: £25.95
26% discount!

Wing Leader: Supremacy 1943-1945

Excellent condition punched copy. Components are bagged/sorted. Minor

Base price: £74.95
Sales price: £49.95
33% discount!


Very Good Condition (no magazine) plus flat box cover)

Base price: £64.95
Sales price: £29.95
54% discount!

Wooden Ships & Iron Men

Fair condition Fighting ships in the age of sail!

Sales price: £27.95

World at War: Blood and Bridges

An excellent condition Un-punched copy A complete stand-alone World at

Sales price: £49.95

World War 3: 1976-1984 Designers Edition

Very good unpunched copy, box shows minor damage and ware.

Sales price: £59.95

Year of the Rat: Vietnam, 1972. Number 35

Very good condition punched copy Strategy & Tactics No.34 Nov 19

Sales price: £49.95

Zero!. Number 3

Excellent Condition Unpunched Copy. Never played, cards removed from s

Base price: £49.95
Sales price: £44.95
10% discount!

Zitadelle: Duel for Kursk

Very good unpunched copy The German 1943 Offensive at Kursk. Operatio

Sales price: £44.95

Zulu: Isandhlwana (Bearhug Publications)

Excellent condition unpunched copy

Sales price: £39.95

Zulu: Rorke's Drift (Bearhug Publications)

Very Good punched copy, a letter or number has been written on the bac

Base price: £39.95
Sales price: £29.95
25% discount!
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