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We Shall Fight on the Marne: First Marne, 1914 (Folio)

Price £44.95
We Shall Fight on the Marne Rear
We Shall Fight on the Marne Map
We Shall Fight on the Marne Counters

Product Description

Theme:      WW1      Solitaire     

Folio Version. 

We Shall Fight on the Marne is an operational level simulation of the First Marne, 1914, for two players or solitaire. Game features include bombardment, air observation, pontoon bridges, weather, corps breakdown units, cavalry scouting/reaction, breakthough movement, and forced marches. Solitaire rules are included.

Game Components:

  • ​17" x 11" Game Board
  • 88 5-8" Mounted, Die-Cut Counters and Markers
  • 8-Page Color Rulebook
  • 1 Player Reference Sheet

Game Features:

  • ​Bombardment
  • Air Observation
  • Pontoon Bridges
  • Weather
  • Corps Breakdown
  • Cavalry Reaction/Scouting
  • Forced Marches
  • Command Points
  • Breakthough Movement

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