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If the balloon goes up, this is how it will be! Armored fighting vehicles grinding forward below flashing helicopter blades under a tense sky filled with screaming jets and smoky missile trails. TAC AIR puts YOU in command in the most intense and technologically advanced combat environment on earth-Central Europe today. As NATO U.S. VII Corps commander, YOU are charged with the defense of the Hof Gap area. As the Warsaw Pact Central Group of Forces commander, YOUR forces must smash the NATO defenses and drive deep into West Germany. TAC AIR is a detailed look at the organization, equipment and capabilities of the modern frontline NATO and PACT forces based in Germany.

• Graduated Scenario Sizes! Enjoy a choice of thirteen scenarios (separate games that can be played with these rules) that vary greatly in size and playing time; First. there are skirmishes Involving a few brigades or regiments and a handful of fighter-bombers that can be played on a portion of the mapboard in a few hours. Then, battles involving larger forces such as the United States 1 st Armored Division, the West German 12th Panzer Division, the Soviet 6th Guards Tank Division and a rich array of modern aircraft such as the American A-10, F-15, F-16 and F-111, the West German F-4 F and Alpha Jet, the Canadian CF-18 and the Soviet MiG-27, MiG-29 and Su-24. Last, but certainly not least, a long and massive conflict that covers the entire map.

• Unique Game System! In TAC AIR, air operations are covered in detail: air-to-air combats, close-air support and interdiction missions with conventional or standoff weapons, "Wild Weasel" and electronic warfare missions, reconnaissance flights and deadly networks of surface-to-air missiles. Ground operations are not slighted either. There are ground combats between armored and mechanized units, helicopter gunships, paratroopers and airmobile forces, deadly artillery barrages and counterbattery fire, command control and supply considerations, electronic "jamming” and more. In short, a complete modern combined arms air-land battle!

• Complex Concepts-Playable Mechanics! The four-page Basic Rules allow players to quickly start playing the game and mastering the system. Later, the Advanced and Optional Rules can be added as desired to allow players to choose the levels of complexity and detail that THEY enjoy.

Over 500 counters.
A Colorful 22"x32" Mapboard.
1 Basic Rules Folder.
1 Battle Manual.
2 Game Cards.
2 Player Cards.
2 Organization Cards.

Time Scale: Three hours per one game turn.
Map Scale: One nautical mile per hex.
Unit Scale: Battalions, batteries & aircraft flights.
Players: Two or more (team play).
Playing Time: From one to two hours and up, depending on scenario size and rules used.


(BGG description:)

Tac-Air is a turn based simulation of a "modern" NATO vs Warsaw Pact land and air war in Germany.

"Designed by USAF Major Gary C. Morgan to depict modern air-land battle, complete with integrated air defense systems, detailed air mission planning, and Airspace Control considerations" - from the Designer Profile.

Includes a user-friendly four-page Basic Rules folder (i. e. "quick start rules"), but the meat of the game is in the 26 page Advanced & Optional Rules book. Advanced rules introduce supply, command, engineering, "Wild Weasels", and a very detailed turn sequence. Optional Rules are modular, adding weather, electronic combat, mines, replacements, NBC rules, etc.

Includes 12 scenarios ranging in size from a Cav regiment "covering force" to the entire VII Corps vs. the Pact Central Group of Forces.