Terror War

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Terror War East Map
Terror War East Map7
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Theme:      21st Century      Solitaire     

 A war without borders, an enemy without a home, the Terror War has begun.
On September 11, 2001 the Al Qaeda organisation and its loose coalition of affiliates succeeded in the most effective terror attack of modern history, killing almost 3,000 civilians. Since then many more attacks have occurred than just the early “spectaculars”.
Terror War is designed to be a detailed but easy to  play strategic level solitaire game focusing on the suppression of terrorism. Within the constraints of the current political strategy, the player reacts to events while attempting to defeat Al-Qaeda and control the nations supporting it.
20 page rulebook
4 page Random Events book
22x17 map
168 full color single sided 5/8” counters
Complexity: low-medium
Solitaire suitability: designed for solitaire 
Time to play: 4 hours
Map scale: 1” = 500 miles (areas)
Unit size: approximately Divisions
Turn length: 1 year