The Flower in the Rifle: The first battles of August 1914

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Vae Victis issue 68:
The game is designed by Jean-Claude Delhez and recreates the first battle of World War I in France, the day of 22 August 1914.

The French offensive was outlined in Joffre's Plan XVII, with the objective of capturing Neufchâteau.

As with all Vae Victis games, the counters need to be cut out and mounted. The rules are entirely in French, although translations are available online.

La fleur au fusil simulates the battles of August 22, in the centre of the French-German front, on Belgian territory. It matches the French main offensive as planned in Plan XVII by general Joffre. This attack was conducted by the IV Army, with the town of Neufchâteau in the Ardennes as its main objective. The attack was spearheaded by the Corps Colonial, the best troops of the French army. It is a 2-player game, one player taking command of the forces of the French army, the other the Germans. A six-sided die is required for play.