The Great Redoubt - Borodino 1812

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The Great Redoubt is a wargame that recreates the Battle of Borodino, the most costly engagement of the Napoleonic Wars. Historically, the French attacked repeatedly, forced the Russians back, but failed to drive them from the field. After an unprecedented carnage, the French were marginally successful.

Each hex on the mapboard is roughly 400 yards across. Each combat unit represents one actual regiment, brigade or division, cavalry brigade or division, or massed artillery formation.
Each strength factor represents approximately 250 actual men or 3-8 guns. Each turn equals 30 minutes of actual time.A game of the Battle of Borodino: 1812

A 21-1/2" x 27-1/2" map : 300 die cut counters

400 yards per hex : 30 minutes per turn : units are regiment, brigade and division

Complexity high : playing time four to ten hours

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